Adidas Golf A619

The Adidas golf A619 Performance Max Cap from Adidas is a great-looking, very comfortable and perfectly shaped cap for golfing or just looking good in the great outdoors.

This Adidas golf cap of 100% polyester will last.  It is amazing how well polyester can now match the great look of cotton without the upkeep.  Polyester naturally repels stains, resists moisture and keeps its shape.

The A619 cap has a moisture-wicking sweatband, which helps keep your hair and face dry, so you keep looking great.  With a UPF sun protection rating of 50, the highest possible rating, you don’t need to be afraid of the sun, either.

Enjoy maximum comfort with the relaxed construction that includes an easily adjustable Velcro® closure.  On those gusty days, while your golfing partner is running down the fairway chasing his hat, you can be looking cool and coolly waiting for the perfect break between gusts to make a winning drive.

The dark underbill reduces glare, especially helpful on those bright, sunny days, when you want to make a tight shot between the pond and the trees.

As leaders in performance sportswear, Adidas’ Golf A619 Performance Max Cap doesn’t skimp or leave out details, especially where it really counts.  With six discrete vents near the top, you really stay cool in this comfortable cap, even while the sweat is beginning to get into your golfing buddies’ eyes.

This very attractive and low profile golf cap comes in a variety of colors, including black, navy, red, tan and white.  The famous Adidas logo is on the back.

The Adidas Golf A619 Performance Max cap comes in all sizes, from small to extra large.  It is also priced surprisingly low for such a high quality golf cap.  You could buy one in every color and still get change back on a hundred from most places, even including international shipping.