People love t-shirts and like to wear in their everyday life. T-shirts comes in variety of sizes, colors and styles which are perfect to wear in any season of the year. Also, t-shirts are great promotional item as it will help you show that you belong to a particular club or team, or your support to a particular cause, to celebrate a milestone event and can even be used as a wearable art form.

Below are some interesting fun facts that might amuse you and brighten up your day or make you think differently about t-shirts next time you put one on.

  1. The most expensive t-shirt in the world is made by the French luxury clothing company Hermès. It costs $91,500 (approximately £60,432) and is made from crocodile leather.


  1. Over 2 Billion T-shirts are sold worldwide every year.


  1. The biggest t-shirt in the world now is 93.2 m long and 62.73 m wide. It was created by a Brazilian group that used awareness of the disease as the inspiration for breaking the record for the largest t-shirt, on 11 October 2014.


  1. The most t-shirts worn at once are 257. It was achieved by Sanath Bandara (Sri Lanka) in Colombo, Sri Lanka, on 22 December 2011.


  1. T-shirts are named for the shaped of its outline. The word ‘T-shirt’ first appeared in Merriam-Webster dictionary in the 20’s.


  1. The most common t-shirt size is Medium.


  1. Most active nations that wear most t-shirts are United States, Canada, India, France and Malaysia.


  1. The most favorite color of t-shirt is Black and least favorite color is yellow.


  1. 91% of Americans claimed to own a favorite t-shirt.


  1. On average, a person owns 27 t-shirts.


  1. The first promotional t-shirt was printed in 1939 for the movie “The Wizard of Oz”.


  1. There are 35,000 cotton farms in the U.S. creating well over 4, 00,000 jobs.


  1. It takes six miles of yarn to make one t-shirt.


  1. About 62% of Americans claim to own more than ten t-shirts in their wardrobe. That’s roughly 1.5 billion shirts – line those up end to end, and they’d circle the globe 34 times.


  1. Until the 1950s, t-shirts were considered to be underwear.