For over a century now, Hanes has been one of the biggest go-to brands for comfortable clothing.  And it is best known for its Hanes T Shirts and underwear. The Hanes Clothing Company began as a men’s underwear manufacturer in 1901. It was not until the 70s that the company introduced the first Hanes T-shirts. With the increase in demand for T-shirts and popularity of screen-printing during that time came the influx of other fabric manufacturers and clothing brands. Despite the emergence of tough competition, Hanes clothing was able to hold its own and flourish into what it is now, a trusted household name.

Hanes T Shirts are well-known for being easy to use and durable at the same time.  Hanes Beefy T, Tagless and Heavyweights are top three bestselling Hanes tees. Of the three, the Hanes Beefy-T has been in the market for the longest time. It was mass produced around the year 1975 and by the year 2001, a whopping one billion Hanes Beefy T-Shirts have been sold.

With a name such as Beefy-T, this specific line of Hanes tees sparked interest in the consumers to go out and purchase to find out what makes it different and ‘beefy’.

What sets the Hanes Beefy T apart from other Hanes T Shirts is its soft, luxurious feel.  The Hanes Beefy T is the only shirt that is made from 100% ring-spun cotton yarn. The extra comfort and durability of ring-spun cotton yarn comes the more elaborate and longer production process that ring-spinning requires. Unlike most shirts that are made from open-end yarn, the Hanes Beefy T still remains soft and strong after every wash.

Like other Hanes tees, the Beefy-T also has the company’s signature premium qualities such as cover seamed neck, double-needled bottom hems and sleeves and taping from shoulder-to-shoulder.

The Hanes Beefy T became so popular all over the world that the company came up with a Hanes Beefy-T Hall of Fame in 2010. The goal of the hall of fame is to recognize the companies who patronize the brand through using or selling the famous Hanes tees. Eskimo Joe’s, Matsumoto Shave Ice and The Graphic Cow are some of the Hanes Beefy-T T-Shirt Hall of Fame inductees.

Hanes clothing has come a long way from making underwear one hundred years ago. With the apparel company now called Hanes Brands, Inc, the Hanes brand has produced a wide range of inner wear, active wear, casual wear and hosiery for boys, girls, men and women of every size and shape.

People keep coming back to Hanes clothing because of good quality and reasonable prices. Celebrities such as Michael Jordan, Matthew Perry, Marisa Tomei, Sarah Chalke, Cuba Gooding Jr., Kevin Bacon, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Christina Applegate endorsing Hanes probably helped too. And with their “money back comfort guarantee”, consumers are getting more assurance that Hanes keeps their goal of providing comfort all the time. True to its tagline, Hanes Clothing keeps on making the world a more comfortable place, one clothing garment at a time.