Gildan Activewear is known globally for their extremely low-cost apparel that is popular for use by businesses that want to make a statement. The company is leader for blank activewear sold in the US and Canada which is then screen printed with marketing logos and designs.

Creating branded clothing not only builds brand awareness but builds a tiny brand army that fills the streets with free marketing for your company. You pay once for the item and it marches up and down the community for years to come! If your logo or mascot is cute, trendy or funny then you have an even greater chance of being worn in public! Think carefully about the branding you put on apparel if the purpose is for merchandizing and branding.

gildan activewear

You can choose to sell your merchandize but always think of it as marketing, not a product of revenue. The branding you receive will far outweigh any small profit you receive from the sales. Remember, your goal from merchandizing your brand on clothing is brand recognition.

The Gildan Tshirts are great for this type of marketing because they are very cheap but are of a great quality that stands up well to the screen printing process and to repeated washings. They come in all sizes, styles and colors. You can purchase them in bulk quantities at competitive prices.

Businesses do not only use screen printing for fun and marketing, they also use the process to create a uniformed look for their office or for events. You can print a discreet logo on a dignified Gildan Polo shirts for your next company convention to really make an impression. The Gildan polo shirts come in short and long sleeve and have plenty of space for printing a company name and logo on the chest or sleeve. These polo shirts can be used instead of a uniform and can bring a unified look while still remaining comfortable and casual. They will be a real hit with employees and customers! Customers will not have to wonder who’s working for you or go hunting for staff members when they need help at your next event.

gildan polo

You can buy Gildan apparel from ApparelnBags’ wholesale store if you need a larger quantity. You can offer branded apparel to employees as gifts as part of an incentive program or for achievements like anniversaries with the company.